Dendy Herdianto

Business Developer, Content Writer, and Public Speaker

About Me

Hi, I'm interested to learn about Business and Marketing.

I have experienced in some businesses that I developed like Conventional Business, Online Business, Multi-Level Marketing, and Startup.

On the other hand, I also have experienced to work in the digital marketing division, where my responsibilities include creating content for social media platforms and blogs that implemented with SEO.

Email: dendyherdianto.info@gmail.com

Phone Number: (+62) 878-8185-8750


BSc of Economy, University of Indonesia

Islamic Economy, Aug 2015 – Aug 2019


  • 8 Years of Public Speaking
  • 7 Years of Writing
  • 10 Years of Developing Business

Work Experience

Chief Executive Officer
(2018 - Present)

Maslahah Academy is E-learning Platform to learn about Islamic Economics.

My responsibilities including:

  1. Make a vision and Mission for the startup 
  2. Lead and manage the team to achieve the vision 
  3. As a symbol to speak for external like public, investor and stakeholders

(2019 - Present)

Depok Banget is social enterprise that focus on human empowerment in Depok.

My responsibilities including:

  1. Create a vision and mission with the founder.
  2. Supervise division, such as Fundraising, RnD, and Operational.
  3. Covering founder to lead the team when the founder has another work.

Content Writer
(2019 - Present)

Qazwa.id is Sharia P2P Lending that bridge between Investor and UMKM.

My responsibilities including:

  1. Create a contents about Islamic Economic, Business and Finance with SEO indicator.
  2. Make sure the content readable with readibility analysis.




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Dendy Herdianto

Business Developer, Content Writer, and Public Speaker